Africa Prize Alumni Grant from Royal Academy of Engineering was selected for a £15,000 Africa Prize Alumni grant by the U.K.’s Royal Academy of Engineering!
Our journey started with SuaCode, our smartphone-based course we created to enable young Africans to learn to code using their smartphones since most of our learners had limited access to computers.

As we ran online cohorts and grew exponentially, it became difficult to support students. So we built AI tools to help, particularly, Kwame, an AI teaching assistant that provides instant answers to students’ coding questions.

Having realized Kwame’s potential beyond our coding course, we decided to build a web app to enable learners and educators to make use of Kwame. And an API for EdTechs to easily have access to their own custom Kwame.

We did it!! Four months ago, we launched the MVP of the Kwame AI web app in Beta (now 350 users across 21 countries) which provides instant answers to students’ WASSCE Integrated science questions and related past exam questions (from the past 30 years), and enables them to find past exam questions on a year-by-year or topic-by-topic basis.

The Kwame API makes creating a custom AI teaching assistant with custom content as easy as ABC, and we already have our first EdTech customer!

Now with this grant, we will extend our platform’s offering beyond senior high school and WAEC to the junior high school level and other curricula such as NSMQ and IGCSE.

We are excited to build out the full version of the web app and API to enable us to scale to many more students, schools and EdTech companies, so every learner anywhere can be empowered in their learning journey with their own AI teaching assistant!


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