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Learn in-demand coding and AI skills with our project-based courses in a community of friends around Africa


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Our courses ensure you learn by doing with fun, hands-on coding exercises and assignments


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Our detailed lessons are available in English and French, with more African languages coming soon


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Our Team

We have expertise from top institutions and organizations such as Dartmouth College, ETH Zurich, University of Cambridge, Charité Berlin and Amazon. We are pioneers of smartphone-based coding education in Africa — a team of scientists, and educators with more than 16 years combined experience teaching and mentoring young Africans

Computer Scientist and founder of SuaCode.ai, George Boateng, 27, photographed at the Impact Hub (a co-working space) in Accra, Ghana. January 5, 2020. Proof Africa/Francis Kokoroko @accraphoto

George Boateng

Co Founder, CEO


George Boateng is a Computer Scientist, Engineer and Educator. His technical expertise span the following: PhD Candidate in Applied Machine Learning at ETH Zurich, Visiting Researcher, University of Cambridge and Ex-Amazon Applied Scientist (Alexa AI). He has a BA Computer Science and an MS in Computer Engineering from Dartmouth College.

Victor new

Victor Kumbol

Co Founder, COO


Victor is a pharmacist pursuing a PhD in Medical Neurosciences at Charité, Berlin. As an innovator, Victor is passionate about leveraging technology to impact the African society and builds open labware for research. He has a BPharm and MPhil in Pharmacology from KNUST, Ghana.

Our Vision

Democratize science and technology education across Africa using smartphones and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our Story

In 2017, while running the 4th edition of our annual innovation bootcamp, Project iSWEST, in Ghana, we noticed from our pre-survey that out of our 27 students, 25% had laptops, yet 100% had smartphones. This situation led us to modify our coding course and deliver it using smartphones, a first of its kind in Ghana. Our students built pong games on their phones with several students working on coding assignments while in traffic.

Realizing the potential of our smartphone-based course, in 2018, we created SuaCode, a smartphone-based online coding program aiming to teach millions across Africa how to code by exploiting the proliferation and untapped capabilities of smartphones. Between 2018 and 2020, we ran 4 pilots of SuaCode that reached 3K learners across 69 countries (42 in Africa). We then used the learnings to build our app, SuaCode with an AI teaching assistant, Kwame in 2021, and then launched it in 2022 to scale the impact of SuaCode!


We adapted our coding course for smartphones during our annual innovation bootcamp in Ghana, Project iSWEST.


 We piloted an online version of the course dubbed SuaCode for 30 Ghanaian learners


We ran SuaCode Africa with expanded reach to 700+ learners across Africa


We ran SuaCode Africa 2.0 with course materials in English and French, and expanded reach to 2.3K learners.


We developed our SuaCode app and run alpha and beta tests with 100+ learners.


We incorporated SuaCode.ai and launched the SuaCode app with our AI teaching assistant, Kwame

Our Research

Our peer-reviewed papers are published by top Computer Science, Engineering and AI societies


Segun Omole (Nigeria)

Schwarzman Scholar (MS, International/Global Studies)

I joined the program with practically no knowledge of programming and left with a strong foundation in coding established. The mentors were very supportive and always made themselves available to help us in any way we needed. I felt very pleased with the end result as I was able to make my very own video game in five weeks time. I fully recommend the program to every newcomer to code.

Elizabeth Fio (Ghana)

Mechanical Engineering, Academic City University College

It was fun and interesting coding through the programming course. I have learnt a lot and guess what, I got an internship that requires me to use what I learnt. I am really grateful and don’t regret being part of the life-changing experience.

Matthew Adenyo (Ghana)

Teaching/Research Assistant, University of Mines and Technology

Knowledge from SuaCode has helped me a lot, in the sense that it has encouraged me to pursue my dream of being a Data Scientist. Currently, this knowledge is helping with my self-taught Data Analysis in Python. The nature of SuaCode notes, quizzes and assignments motivated me to learn additional programming on my own. I also plan on impacting others in my community with what I learned from SuaCode. Had it not been SuaCode, I wouldn’t have known programming could be so easy. Thanks to the entire team of instructors on the SuaCode 2020 cohort!

Pamela.A.Cudjoe (Ghana)

Computer Science Student, MIT

I first heard of SuaCode in 2019. I had never had any coding experinece before then and was looking for an opportunity to learn when a friend recommended the program to me. I learnt so much about coding, teamwork and leadership during the program and wrote about it in my college applications in the months following my graduation from the program, and the team was there for me once again, offering support and going further to write a letter of recommendation for me. I was subsequently accepted to MIT, something I never dreamed possible, and will always be grateful to SuaCode for being a part of this achievement. SuaCode has changed me a lot for the better, and in the past an honour to pay it forward. I have no doubt many more young people like me would unearth their full potential through the program and go on to change the world.

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March 24, 2019

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March 24, 2019

SuaCode Continues to Teach African Students to Code on Smartphones, Processing Foundation

March 24, 2019

Nsesa selected as Finalist for Milken-Penn GSE Education Business Plan Competition, Nsesa Foundation

March 24, 2018

Nsesa runs SuaCode Africa — Africa’s First Smartphone-Based Online Coding Course, Nsesa Foundation

March 24, 2018

SuaCode: Breaking the Coding Barrier in Africa with Smartphones, Processing Foundation

March 24, 2018

Nsesa Foundation Co-Founder & President named 2018 Processing Foundation Fellow, Nsesa Foundation

March 24, 2017

Nsesa Foundation Ends Project iSWEST 2017 with a Blast!, Nsesa Foundation

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